Initiated in Harlem, in the United States, the Audubon Mural Project, is an art project in public space consisting in painting, on the city walls, frescoes representing birds threatened by climate change. It is inspired by illustrations of the birds of North America produced by the Franco-American naturalist painter Jean-Jacques Audubon in the 19th century. Born of a collaboration between the National Audubon Society and the Gitler & _____ Gallery, the project quickly caught the attention of the public and the press and spread throughout New York and many other American cities.

Symbolic birds in America, bald eagles have survived many threats, such as illegal hunting or the massive use of pesticides in intensive crop fields. Back in force, this species was even removed from the list of endangered species. Yet today, eagles are again threatened by the disappearance of their prey, fish and other small animals, themselves endangered by global warming and the destruction of their ecosystems. By choosing a bird representing the emblem of his adopted nation, painted in the streets of New York, the artist Peter Daverington opts for a strong and speaking symbol for the passers-by who will see this fresco.

Australian of origin, David Daverington explains that the power, the beauty and the intelligence of these birds reminds us of how important nature is to protect, preserve and save. A sought-after mural painter, he was commissioned to paint public art in Argentina, Australia, China, Egypt, Germany, Guatemala and Turkey.

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Bald Eagle, David Davrington, 3623 Broadway, New York, NY 10031, 2014. © Photography by Camilla Cerea / Audubon