The LPO (League for the Protection of Birds) has set up a database on the status of species in France and the DOM-TOM which contributes to the creation of national red lists, as well as to the red lists produced by BirdLife international at European and global levels.

Every year, BirdLife International updates the red list of globally threatened birds. In 2016, no less than 1,460 species were affected, or 13% of the world’s birdlife. 156 species are extinct and 13 have literally disappeared from circulation in recent years. This is the finding drawn from the Red List of globally threatened birds presented by BirdLife International on the occasion of the 13th biodiversity COP which is currently taking place in Mexico, in the presence of the LPO.

Birds offer precious clues to the health of biodiversity: the evolution of the status of species, the conservation status of habitats and the impacts of climate change. The degradation of their status finely quantifies the environmental problems to which they react quickly: pollution, climate change, degradation of habitats, etc.

All of this work relating to the monitoring and inventory of avifauna, as well as sites of major biological interest, constitute references used to implement action plans for threatened birds, both at regional level, than national and international.

Thus the LPO has implemented and continues to animate a dozen National Action Plans (NAPs), each having its own and predetermined lifespan. At the end of each plan, a report and an evaluation of the results are carried out and, if necessary, a new NAP is drawn up.

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