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LOUP ! Qui es-tu ?

Wolf ! Who are you ?

1 décembre 2019 - 20 septembre 2020




En raison du contexte actuel lié à la pandémie de COVID-19, le Musée de l’Image d’Epinal prolonge l’exposition Loup qui es-tu ? jusqu’au 20 septembre 2020. 

Alors que la question du retour du loup en France depuis 1992 est plus que jamais d’actualité, le Musée de l’image, avec cette exposition sous le commissariat de Jennifer Heim, se penche sur la construction du loup culturel. Celui qui habite notre inconscient collectif et dont l’image se transmet de génération en génération.

D’où vient cette réputation ? Comment la « peur du loup » s’est-elle forgée en Occident ?

Découvrez au Musée de l’Image l’aventure culturelle du loup à travers les estampes populaires françaises : témoins des regards portés sur l’animal, elles construisent et diffusent le mythe. Spécimens d’histoire naturelle, ouvrages anciens, objets d’art, peintures et musiques enrichissent le parcours de l’exposition.

Images : © Musée de l’Image, Epinal, vues de l’exposition et affiche de l’exposition

Wolf ! Who are you ? Just mentioning that name and some are already shivering. Today it is difficult to objectively look at an animal about whom so much has been said and slandered…

More than a wolf, it is the image of wolf that comes to mind : the one of tales and fables, the big bad wolf our parents threatened us with when we were naughty, a monstrous beast symbolising our most archaic fears. A wolf behaving like a man, with its vices and flaws. It is so difficult to think of a wolf outside of all these representations because of the cultural weight it carries on its shoulders. Its nasty reputation almost always sticks to its back like a tick.

Since the Middle Ages, the wolf has carved out a special place for itself in the European bestiary. Alongside the fox and the bear, it is one of the most symbolised animals. Sometimes admired, mostly feared even hated or mocked, the wolf sparks off all feelings but indifference. In addition to the often amplified grim account of the news, there are countless tales, fables, legends, songs, and cartoons in which it plays the main role, for better or especially for worse.

As the return of wolves to France since 1992 has never been so discussed, the Musée de l'Image presents an exhibition about the furry animal that occupies our collective unconscious and whose image is passed down from generation to generation.

How was the myth of the wolf built in the West ? On what basis was the "fear of the wolf" built ? Discover the cultural adventure of this animal throughout the exhibition of popular french prints : being evidence of the different representations of the wolf. These ancient prints, by their large audience, have become powerful factors of construction and diffusion of the myth.

Most of the popular prints on display date from the 19th century and are intented for a young audience. Other works, from scholarly culture, enrich the course.


1 décembre 2019 - 20 septembre 2020

Musée de l’Image
42, quai de Dogneville
EPINAL, 54000

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